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Our Sector Experience

Emerald provides services across the following sectors

Media & New Organizations

By their very nature, journalists report on high risk situations, from riots to wars to natural disasters. Emerald enables them to do so with minimal risk to their safety and security.

Corporate Executives

Emerald is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, contractors and visitors.

High Net Worth Individuals

Emerald’s seamless logistics and travel management services, coupled with the provision of transport and close protection, provides HNWIs with the confidence to go where they need to go safely and securely.


Emerald has a track record of working closely with celebrity management teams to provide their principles with a secure bubble within which they can go about their daily lives as normally as possible.

Non Government Organizations

Emerald’s work with NGOs has supported their ability to access challenging environments with the confidence that we have their back.

Major Events

Emerald can manage and execute risk mitigation and security services for large venues or stand-alone events.

Natural or Man-Made Disaster Mitigation

Emerald’s personnel have been first to arrive in multiple disaster zones over the years, including Haiti, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Syria, Congo and Liberia. We have managed evacuations, insertions and provided security in place in the most difficult environments that exist.

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