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Emeralds secure accommodation in Kabul


Emerald Solutions’ secure accommodation in the diplomatic zone of Kabul City, Emerald Oxford House, has become fully operational with approval from the current ruling regime. The features of the accommodation prioritize the safety and comfort of its guests and residents and include facilities that ensure their effortless performance of tasks.

The three-story villa includes a total of 21 ensuite bedrooms, two kitchens, and a dining room. We provide in-house catered meals, laundry facilities, and high-speed WiFi. The villa also includes a basement with a gymnasium, a medical clinic, and an Emerald office. The clinic is staffed with fully trained medical personnel equipped to treat trauma injuries and common illnesses on a 24/7 basis. Our assistance is not only limited to within the walls of Emerald Oxford House; we’ve partnered with a competent medical facility in Kabul that provides a full range of medical services, as well as trusted local fixers to support clients as they conduct their business around Kabul.

Due to the high volume of media clients we support, Emerald Oxford House’s rooftop offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and raised platforms for optimal broadcast backgrounds, as well as stand-alone WiFi dedicated to the rooftop and waterproof power sockets. Though currently under development, we are installing a soundproof studio that will allow media personnel to conduct broadcasts and interviews with invited persons.

The security of our guests and residents is our top priority, which is why our villa is equipped with a secure perimeter, a private access road, as well as security by the Taliban and civilian guards. Our joint venture with Safi Contracting, Emerald Safi provides vehicle tracking services for those conducting business outside the villa via a communications and tracking platform. Protective equipment, such as body armor and ballistic helmets are available to all residents at a store located in Emerald Oxford House.

In line with our safety policies, we’ve secured alternative locations for our guests in the event of a disruption to Emerald Oxford House. Emerald Cambridge House is a second villa located one kilometer from Emerald Oxford House; emergency routes from one to the other have been confirmed. The second villa is also used to house guests if the first is fully booked. Emerald Safi has a third location deemed a safehouse if the security of the initial two is compromised.


Emerald has been operating in Kabul for many years, maintaining our presence through numerous milestones in the history of the city. We are one of the first foreign entities to register a new company, Emerald Safi, under the new administration. It is fully operational, supporting our clients with the utmost effectiveness and sensitivity to local processes.



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